Michael Haasbroek

Michael Haasbroek


Introducing Michael Haasbroek, a true creative force in the realm of photography. As a renowned wedding photographer, Michael’s keen eye for detail and genuine passion for capturing love’s essence have made him a sought-after name in the industry. His work goes beyond traditional boundaries, creating timeless memories for couples on their special day.

But Michael’s talents extend far beyond weddings. As a seasoned fashion photographer, he has lensed some of the most iconic Miss South Africa models, showcasing his ability to capture grace and sophistication on the runway. Michael’s portfolio is a testament to his proficiency in blending creativity and style.

Adding another layer to his artistic journey, Michael is not just a photographer; he is a professional model and influencer. This unique combination allows him to bring a personal touch to every project, infusing creativity and flair into his work.

In essence, Michael Haasbroek is a versatile visual storyteller, seamlessly navigating the worlds of wedding photography, fashion, and personal branding. His ability to capture the beauty in every moment and infuse his own sense of style makes him a standout presence in the photography landscape.

Some of Michael's work

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